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  • I'm having trouble downloading...
    We all know the internet can be temperamental. Having a good, fast service yourself is a start but you're reliant on many other links in the web too so most of it is way outside anyone's control. How fast or reliably you can download files is largely determined from how far away you are from the geographically as this is likely mean more links are necessary and thus more slow or unreliable ones are likely to be encountered. At present our downloads are hosted in the USA, so US users are most likely to have no problems downloading files, obviously the smaller the download the easier it is too. The solution to these issues is cloud computing. This allows the global mirroring of data and a much faster more reliable download experience for all users wherever they are. We have an intermediate service in place already to solve specific issues but we hope to move to a full cloud service very soon. You may never have an issue, but if you do please bear with us, we'll resolve problems asap and still get your products much faster than you ever could in the mail anyway!
  • How do I install my Apple Loops?
    It's quick and easy to install Apple Loops. Whether using GarageBand or Logic the process is the same. Simply drag and drop the files from your CD/DVD or desktop and drop onto the Loop Browser. This not only copies the files to your library location but also indexes them so you software knows where they are too. If you just copy them straight to your library folder it will not know they exist.
  • How do I install my GB Instruments?
    Simply run the install provided. The Instruments will be available in your software after installation.
  • Why can't I find my instruments?
    GarageBand sometimes can have a 'glitch' where it doesn't 'see' new instruments. These few, weird cases can often be solved by restarting the computer and/or software or even installing an Apple JamPack in some cases we have found. It's likely that this has been fixed in more recent updates but it's worth knowing anyway in case it applies. More often however it's simply a case of the user having 'GarageBand' selected at the top of the 'Browse' Instrument window. You must select 'Show all' to see third party libraries, select that and your new GarageBand Instruments will probably appear.
  • Some of my Apple Loops don't seem to appear in the loop browser - what's going on?
    The most likely explanation is that you have 'Filter for more relevant results' selected in the Loops section of your GarageBand Preferences. Check this and uncheck this option if this is the case. Having this selected excludes Apple Loops outside two semitones of the song's key and can therefore give users the impression they do not exist.
  • Where can I buy AMG Apple Titles?
    Aside from the direct downloads here, all the physical versions of our products are available from the following distributors:

    Instant Download -
    Direct -
    Apple - Worldwide -
    Germany - ASH -
    Japan - Media Integration
    We’ve recently cut back a lot and gone digital. Adding titles to Amazon available via download now too.
  • Can I use the demo loops in my songs?
    No. All the downloadable demo loops are provided for demo purposes only. If you want to use them in any way please order the library they appear in.
  • I've lost my library - can you help?
    Probably, yes. Please contact us with your original order details and, once verified, we'll supply you with a fresh download link.