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Xclusive Sounds now in Apple Loops format!

We have 2 brand more new releases available in Apple Loops format for you! The new releases are:

Xclusive Sounds were released over 5 years ago and available to a very select few at a premium price. Now the embargo has expired they are available for the first time to a wider audience at a more affordable price. A unique opportunity to get a piece of history at an affordable price for the first time.

Naturally Volume One is the original collection features 30 distinct beats, each with 3 or 4 variations, 15 of the beats also include the single hits used to create the beats as well.

Volume Two features just 44 distinct beats, in Apple Loops format. It’s a small collection and only has a small price tag too but includes some great and very exclusive beats available to only very few.

Check out the full listings, audio demos and demo downloads here too!