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Funky Drums from Hell - Neil Conti

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Widely acknowledged as one of the finest drum loop libraries ever recorded

One of the finest drum loop CDs ever recorded now available in the Apple Loops format! A really diverse and funky collection of 320 Apple Loops in total. 5 distinct sounds are featured - Mellow Antique, Hard Funk, Dry Studio, The Basement Tapes, Natural Room. Recorded and mixed at Metropolis Studios by Grammy-winning engineer, Daniel Lazerus. Also features a selection of specially recorded Funky Hi-Hats section with solo hi-hat patterns, plus a section of extracted single hits to customise your breaks. Neil Conti is one of London's hottest session drummers. He played at Live Aid, laid down the groove for Prefab Sprout for many years and has also worked with the likes of David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Annie Lennox, Thomas Dolby, Cher, Primal Scream, Deep Forest, Steve Winwood, Youssou N'Dour and many more. 320 Apple Loops

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Review Highlights
"the whole collection has a strong, appealing and very distinctive sound" - Melody Maker
"...the playing is immaculate...a controlled looseness in the playing...the snare drum sounds like a snare drum should...Definitely the best live drumming CD." - Sound On Sound
"...this compilation represents the coming together of everything that has been learnt about drumming in the last thirty years - taut performances, impeccable recordings, skillful tuning and above all, the value of the groove...I can recommend this CD wholeheartedly...If these funky drums are from hell, the Devil still seems to have all the best music." - Music Technology
"Un must! Five Stars." - Keyboards (France)

The Rhythm of Life - Danny Cummings & Miles Bould

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The definitive percussion library from two of the UK’s best

Contents The lengendary percussion library finally available in Apple Loops format! Hundreds of immaculately performed solo and ensemble percussion loops. Instruments featured include: Congas, Bongos, Djembe, Udu, Bata Drums, Sabar & Sarouba, Shakers & Rainmakers, African Shakers, Gongs & Hand Cymbals, Cowbells, Agogos, Tambourines, Guiro, Talking Drum, Bells, and many more! There are also a good selection of samples with RSS (3D) sound processing that gives them a unique depth and movement. This is one of the best percussion CDs we, or anyone else, has ever released. If you haven't heard it check it out, you won't regret it. 188 Apple Loops

More info on the Producers Danny & Miles are amongst the finest of the UK's percussionists. Danny has been around for years gaining a reputation for his immaculate timing and character - he's the king of pop percussion. His credits include Dire Straits, Wham!, System 7, George Michael, Talk Talk, Pet Shop Boys, The Beloved, ABC, and many more. Miles is more of a new face on the scene but has rapidly gained a reputation for the subtlety of his playing, more of a jazzy type than Danny. His credits include Tina Turner, Julia Fordham, John Martyn, Robbie Williams and many more. Together the combination gave the CD a perfect balance.

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Review Highlights
"Immaculately played and recorded in good as the best in the Synclavier Library...inspirational to work with. It's sonic credentials are impeccable...A connoisseur's product." - Sound On Sound
"The production is superb: the recordings of the different instruments are outstanding and stereo panning is employed extensively...a very classy CD...for those who need access to a library of specialist percussion sounds." - Future Music
"This should stand up as a shining example to anyone thinking of producing a sample CD...this is something special and more than useable - inspiring...sound quality is superb, as is the playing...A classic.
- Melody Maker "...rythmiques de percussions d'une rare qualite. Five Stars." - Keyboards (France)

Underfire - Terminalhead

Demo Track
The grungiest, funkiest collection of dance samples on Earth

A huge collection of grungy, inspirational dance samples! The finest FutureFunk collection and extremely popular with Pro users for many years - now available in Apple Loops format for the masses!

Contents 345 Apple Loops All highly processed and grunged up big time including some 4-bit processing. All specially recorded, distorted, filtered and phat. Including:
Pete's Drum Loops & Chops - Assorted drum loops. Distorted, filtered and phat. Watch them bass bins flap.
Pete's Lo-Fi Drum Loops and Chops - Drums and drum effects utilising 8 and 4 bit lo-fi cruch technology. Sizeable and hard.
Funky Crunch Gate Corner - Created using many sound sources. Sample, fly in and enjoy - they're funky. Try triggering them in different parts of the bar. Also includes many 4 and 8 bit loops. Warning - some of the sounds are REALLY hard.
Synth Riffs/Sounds - Assortment of usable synth lines, sounds and sequences. Once again, created using a cross section of old analogue boxes, some crunchy filters and 4/8 bit processing. Sample the bits you like, shut your eyes and fly 'em in.
Greg's Funky Hard Chops - Hard as nails, but smooth as silk. You're certain to find a chop or rhythmic phrase to suit your track.
Dub FX - Loads of fresh sexy, NEW dub effects to spice up your track. Treat with love, care and respect.
Pascal Benadjaoud Percussion - This time delivering new grooves for terminalhead, using bongos, congas, darbuka, tambourines, triangles, shakers and vocals. Pascal gets phased, phreaked and dubbed out.
Shortwave Strangeness - Best reapings from many a cold, dark night in front of the trusty old tranny.
Misc. Unusualness - An odd assortment of those hard to categorise sounds.
Greg's Trippy Oddness - An unusual collection of very usuable processed guitar.
Synth Effects - Many very weird, wonderful and wide synthetic effects.
Analogue Pads and Sweeps - A collection of filter sweeps and beautiful organic moments.

More info on the Producers Now defunkt Terminalhead produced a string of groundbreaking remixes for many leading artists.

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Review Highlights
"Raunchy, raw, and rude: Three "R" words that describe the audio material you'll get on the Terminalhead CDs. That's meant as a'll find lots to get excited about and inspired by: crunchy drum and guitar loops, oddball sound effects, wicked synth lines, spacy analog synth events, and more...And to assure the audio gets dirty enough, the producers downsampled or sample-converted much of the material so that it's only 8- or even 4-bit. Grunge City!...I really appreciate the variety of drum loops, which range from fairly straight-ahead to absolutely monstrous -- with a decided multitude of the latter...The processing is so thick it's tasteful, and the hooks are infectious. Some of the best feature digitally sliced-and-diced vocals..."AMG has been one of the world's most consistent producers of great loop CDs over the past few years," Greg concluded, "and Terminalhead does not disappoint." - Keyboard (USA)

Tony Mason...Smokin’

Demo Track
Live R&B beats from the go-to Caribbean drummer Tony Mason

Laid back, live R&B grooves. The industry favourite now available in Apple Loops format!

Contents Specially recorded 'black' grooves with attitude recorded in the UK and Caribbean. Tony Mason has produced a CD full of freshly recorded dance grooves with a classic feel that will win him a lot of friends. Many of the loops are presented in a number of variations for more flexibility. Aside from Tony's superb performances, the CD was entirely recorded using classic analogue processing and recording equipment giving the whole CD a very classic feel. 281 Apple Loops

More info on the Producer Tony's worked with Teddy Riley, Ronnie Jordan, Gabrielle, Al Green, Mary-J Blige, Incognito, George Michael, Fine Young Cannibals and many more.

Apple Loops

Review Highlights
"...this is a selection of smokin' laid back grooves. They are mainly variations around the old swingbeat bum ba-bum-bum b bum tss bum type thing, all superbly played and recorded, of course...with excellent fills and hits could make superb drum 'n' bass loops if spliced and speeded up, but it's really the swing-back thangs of hip hop, trip hop and hopscotch (er) that benefit from Smokin'...Those after the `real' drum sound will like Smokin'." - Future Music.